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When pressed for details, it was revealed the beta version would have better lighting, more consistent character, and a Rock Band level….

Yes, the game will include a band level where you can use the Rock Band guitars to rock out Dethlok tunes.

But the network’s most important Comic-Con offering will be its livestreaming video—Adult Swim will share several hours of live video each day—which is an increasingly key element of the company’s multiplatform strategy.The slate includes Stupid Morning Bullshit (its daily morning news show), Williams Street Swap Shop (a community swap meet) and Development Meeting (in which Adult Swim’s development team conducts business). PT, Snickers will sponsor a livestream of Fish Center, Adult Swim’s daily call-in show featuring footage of fish in an aquarium.In the “Coin Quest” custom segment, fish will swim through superimposed, Snickers-branded graphics to win points.In Detroit you fight Rockso and his Roxo Skanks, and there is an overall plot by the Doctor to poison the water supply and create mutants. As with any good game these days you can utilize found weapons as well as the environment to dispatch enemies.Weapons include: pipes, bats, axes, and a chainsaw.

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