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And, of course, there is infantilism, where one player is the baby and the other is the caregiver.But these are just some commonly heard-of examples; people are very creative and come up with many more ideas.If you've never ageplayed and are on the outside looking in, you might be asking, "But what do ageplayers about is reality ... An ageplayer doesn't necessarily fantasize about or want to exactly reenact his/her own childhood, adolescence, etc.

When we try to remember what's in the gaps between those memorable moments, what we usually end up doing is reconstructing the past based on those vague blurs and sharp moments, and of course we're doing this from adult vantage points, so there is a lot of other information that gets mixed in.

Some common ageplaying scenarios are widely known in the BDSM scene and sometimes even outside it, although it may not cross the player's minds that what they're doing is ageplay.

The "strict schoolmaster/mistress and naughty schoolboy/girl" scene is almost a BDSM stereotype.

That's not the meaning I'm going to use here, though.

To people in the scene, infantilism means one of two things.

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