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She’s creative as heck with her healthiness, though — like when she combined her love of wine with her passion for fitness and she and her hubby biked the Long Island wine trail!Diane loves the hot (summer), hates the cold (winter), and is known by the motto “Always have snacks handy!It’s a beautiful spot — from the direction to the editing, the casting, the set design — everything comes together so perfectly. Repeated viewings will impress anyone, so perfectly edited. Oh, and his mom says he’s loyal, smart, and handsome. Diane got a bunch of 6th graders to help design a new product for kids. Loves playing with family, friends, and tennis partners. Later, this dude actually claimed it was the best advice he ever received as a musician.An alumnus of Springfield Elementary School, he’s a rhythm guitarist, mandolin player, singer & songwriter who has worked on Kraft, Reach, Dannon, Healthy Choice, Banquet, Marie Callender’s, and José Olé.

In her spare time, she’s brought life to Maxwell House, Jell-O, Hi-C Juice Drinks, A&W Root Beer, Wisk, and Dannon. ) Michele spells her name with only one L and has worked at World Wrestling Entertainment. just glad she still has those kind of persuasive powers. (She’s lived in 5 different cities already since she’s been at GWH, so no one thinks she is staying put.) If it’s active, Liz does it: skiing, triathlons, hiking, and snowshoeing. Dan is known for the impossible: getting people to do their timesheets. Says he has worked in the industry for a thousand years.

” Guess that’s how she gets people to do the things she needs!

Janis could sweet-talk anyone into doing just about anything.

He’s so good, he got 78,923 people to check out his online photography site in under a month.

It turns out a picture’s worth more than seventy eight thousand words!

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“Ask and ye shall receive” may not be such a trite saying after all.

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