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Along with this trailer, the studio has debuted a new poster, photos and even a GIF creator, which fans can use to create their very own GIF images from the footage released in this trailer. Movie allows fans to create GIFs anywhere between a half-second to three seconds in length, from any of the footage showcased in this trailer.We also have a poster and new photos which offer better looks at new characters such as Princess Skystar, voiced by Kristen Chenoweth, Captain Celaeno, voiced by Zoe Saldana and Songbird Serenade, voiced by Sia. This My Little Pony story is set in Ponyville, where a dark force threatens the idyllic town, and the Mane 6.With one final “Ack,” beloved comic strip character Cathy said goodbye to the Sunday funnies this week after 34 years of struggling through the ups and downs of food, love, work, and a marriage-obsessed mother. is a comic strip by Cathy Guisewite, which ran from 1976 to October 3, 2010. A.), a comic about a single young woman trying to make a career was new and innovative.Her style might have been rough, but her personal voice was emotionally clear.The syndicate signed her on the spot, and within seven months, Guisewite -- who was succeeding as a Detroit advertising writer -- was appearing in comics pages across the country. Now, 34 years and many chocolate binges and bikini blunders and crash diets and Irving go-rounds later, the ever-angtsy "Cathy" will bid the comics farewell on Oct. Guisewite, who turns 60 next month, has decided to shed the deadlines in order to move on to some "personal deadlines" within her own life -- including supporting a daughter through her last year of high school, and spending more time with her own parents.

Ch-ch-check out Playmates Kimberley Conrad Hefner (1989), Charlotte Kemp (1982), Cathy St. Pierre (1979), Renée Tenison (1990), Candace Collins (1979), and Lisa Matthews (1991, top), then and now, in the gallery (above)!(Cathy finally marry Irving in 2005, and the final strip in 2010 featured the announcement that Cathy was pregnant with a girl.)These days, the strip is a frequent target of parody and Take Thats, owing to its repetitive nature, devotion to Men Buy from Mars, Women Buy from Venus, and general blandness.(function() { var one Click Registration Dialog; var unable To Register Dialog; var internal Error Dialog; var show Registration On Public Check Box; var close Button; var register Button; var event Id = 2636286; var close Button Text = 'Close'; var register Button Text = 'Complete registration'; var register Dialog Title = 'Registration confirmation'; var register Dialog Confirm Message = ''; var is Admin Mode = false; var date Message = 'When: Thursday, November 16, 2017'; var location Prefix = 'Where:'; var location = 'Mad Rose Pub (Private Top Floor), 2018 33 Ave SW (Marda Loop)'; var should Show Location = location.length 0; var admin Note = 'Note: registration is not available in admin mode'; var should Show Admin Note = is Admin Mode; var internal Error Dialog Title = 'Internal error'; var internal Error Dialog Message = 'An internal error has prevented your registration from being recorded.Before Guisewite retired the strip in 2010, it appeared in approximately 1,500 newspapers worldwide.Cathy Guisewite launched Cathy in newspapers in 1976, becoming one of the few female cartoonists to hit the daily strip Big Time.

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