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By: Susan Kane and Sam Carrier, Oberlin College The June 2013 destruction of an ancient necropolis near the UNESCO World Heritage site of Cyrene has drawn international attention to the precarious state of archaeology in Libya.

Libya’s vast landscape contains impressive cultural heritage, including five UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The coastline features three Greco-Roman archaeological sites—Cyrene in the east; Sabratha and Leptis Magna in the west.

As one of our friends said: “we’ve had forty-two years behind our necks.” The nascent government of the new Libya is responding to issues slowly. Human resources, particularly in the areas of planning and management, need to be fostered and developed.

Today Libyan archaeology is inaccessible to tourists (Libya does not currently issue tourist visas). Susan Kane is Professor of Classical Archaeology at Oberlin College.

Families living on nearby farms apparently have exerted their claim to ownership by clearing a large area of land containing the necropolis with heavy construction equipment.

A section of land proposed for inclusion in the core of the World Heritage site has been entirely bulldozed. Today all of Libya faces continuing significant threats and damage to its heritage sites due to unmanaged, unregulated development and civil disorder.

Under the previous regime the Department of Antiquities was under the jurisdiction of various ministries, in particular Tourism and Education.

In October 2011 UNESCO convened in Paris an international meeting of experts on Libya heritage.

The group expressed their concern about the fragility of Libyan cultural heritage and risks to it in the aftermath of the conflict and during the transition to a new government.

For forty-two years, individual behavior was constrained not by adherence to written laws but by the forceful hands of a totalitarian state overlaying the customs of strong and proud tradition of tribalism.

The top down direction of the socialist state shaped lackadaisical work habits and squashed individual initiative.

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