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Over time the interviewing process for new Grannies has been refined and the first hurdle of any new recruit is to record a video of themselves.“Being a Granny is challenging and you do need to be able to rise to a technical challenge, although we do offer advice if it is too tricky,” says Liz. We were losing a lot of people after that first session.” The Core Team spent a long time looking at this issue and now when a new granny is interviewed, they try to put them off a bit first by explaining all the things that could go wrong!Denise at the Korakati Sin C lab during Convention Week 2016 This week we catch up with Liz Fewings, one of the members of the Granny Cloud Core Team, to talk about its origins and what the future holds.

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However, following the first Granny Cloud conference in Newcastle, UK in 2010, friendships started to form and a Facebook group was set up shortly after, which remains an important and active community today.

Prof Sugata Mitra’s TED Prize nomination was even made through this group!

“It’s hard to say who will make a good granny so at least two of us view the video to give different perspectives.” Granny Hat – The Core Team spends a lot of time interviewing potential Grannies over Skype to make sure everyone has an understanding of what is expected of them and also what to expect. All new recruits have to join the (secret) Facebook group and support is offered through email and Skype; buddying is arranged with an established granny; and initial sessions are recommended with ‘less challenging’ groups.

About 85% of those who send a video are interviewed and most of them sign up for an initial session. “Grannies on Facebook have infinite patience answering the same sort of question over and over again, and offering tips and insights,” says Liz.

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“We will be encouraging other groups to get together like this, with all parties involved,” says Liz.

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