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Dysfunctions included decreased libido and inability to have an orgasm In antidepressant trials, 30% to 40% of subjects routinely gain relief from depression, and so the percentage of antidepressant users who suffer from sexual dysfunction is higher than the percentage who gain relief from depression.

Thus, drug tolerance and the need for increasingly higher dosage occurs.Specifically, if more antidepressant users experience sexual dysfunction than experience relief from depression, antidepressants should be relabeled as Antonuccio and Healy conclude, “Of course, the drug industry does not have an incentive to change the label.However, we feel patients ought to be informed of these possible alternative labels because they may apply equally well if not better.A NIMH study compared depressed patients who had taken a placebo with depressed patients who had received tricyclic antidepressants.Those who took antidepressants were more likely to seek treatment during the followup period, had a higher probability of relapse and had fewer weeks of minimal or no symptoms.

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Antonuccio and Healy argue that “for medications to be considered true antidepressants, they should clearly offer benefit that exceeds the risks and side effects...[but] many of the 'side effects' of these medications have larger effect sizes than the antidepressant effect size.” Physical side effects most often reported by antidepressant users include sexual dysfunction, dry mouth, jitteriness, nausea, headaches, sweating, dizziness, lethargy, and inability to sleep.

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