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You have realized you want to be married and have learned more about yourself and the kind of person you are attracted to from your dating experience. In fact, they unfortunately allow themselves to cheapen their offering by showing they only want to sample, and never purchase. I know a man who told me he goes in there to have lunch by partaking in all the sample stations, and then leaves.

In fact, with regards to “dating” I should not be too quick to say that this term necessarily included in the process towards marriage.

It is a practice run of making the formal decision to forsake all others on the day you exchange vows.

In courtship, you do forsake all others, but not as a vow, but rather as a trial run.

It risks giving in to the temptation to do that one thing reserved ONLY to married couples because you become so used to each other and, what the heck, you love each other and are practically married anyway, so why not?

At the practical level, you want to be in courtship for a short time, with the agreement to get engaged or end the relationship at the end of that time period.

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