Errotic sex

*** NOTE TO THE READER: This is a story about reluctance, rather than non-consent, though it could easily be interrupted as non consent/ rape. Also, the lack of condoms in this story is poetic license, but definitely not one to ignore in real life.

I had woken at 4.30am and couldn't get back to sleep. Glancing at my husband, sound asleep and snoring loudly, the idea of waking him for sex seemed a bit cruel. I hauled my ass out of bed and pulled on my running gear.

A couple of weeks ago, my two girlfriends and I were on a night out when the local football team came into the pub.

Evidently they had won a match and were celebrating.

My two girlfriends and I are all married and older than the footballers.

At a guess, the oldest footballer was about thirty five, but most were in their late twenties.

Brunettes, blondes and redhead babes with voluptuous curves spread their legs and show their vaginas craving affection.My running route took me through my small town and out to a rural narrow road, past the soccer pitch.There was seldom any traffic on this road, which is why I liked to run on it.It began to rain heavily as I got as far as the soccer pitch.I was only about half way through my route, and soaked through.

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Author's note: I am an Irish woman in my forties, and I write (in UK English) from that perspective. ******************** "Oh GOD, I'm horny," I thought as I closed my laptop.

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