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Although cellphone use may take away time spent with parents, if the existing relationship is strong, the new technology can allow more frequent, positive parent-child contact.Bullying is one area where the digital age may be introducing new risks.There is little question that American adolescents are constantly connected.Almost 90 percent of adolescents own, or have access to, a mobile phone.Rather than connecting with strangers, most adolescents use digital media to interact with friends and acquaintances already in their face-to-face social networks.

Parent-adolescent relationships online also appear to mirror offline relationships, the authors found.“We see young people constantly on their phones and assume ill effects, but much of the research to date tells a more positive story.” , weighs commonly expressed fears regarding teenagers’ use of mobile devices against existing research evidence.It calls for more rigorous research to evaluate how these quickly evolving technologies are affecting young people’s lives.The 14 Most Anticipated YA Books to Read In November 144 Thoughts I Had While Reading Turtles All the Way Down The Official List of Harper’s Summer 2018 YA Cover Reveals Everything You Need to Know About "Love, Simon" The Cover and First Excerpt of Restore Me Are Here!This article is published in collaboration with Futurity.

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But, contrary to the early internet age—when a small minority of teens were online and heavy internet use was a sign of offline problems—now teens’ online worlds mirror their offline lives.

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