Google latitude not updating

What these users are seeing when they head to the tab in Google is a message telling them to move to Google Maps.

If they tap the button to switch to Maps, they get redirected to a help page that offers updating Google Maps because the new feature is not yet live in their current version.

In the interim, I suggest maybe you give Trusted Contacts a try to at least have the option to request someone's location if you're worried about them.

It's not the same as live sharing, but it should cover the most crucial situations while Google sorts this mess out and releases an update to Maps.

As promised during an impressive display at Google IO this year, the new Google Maps for Android is here.

It was hard not to be impressed as a developer at Google IO this year, as so many new APIs and tools geared to make Android app developers more productive came gushing from the keynote speech.

However, Google has gone ahead and disabled it in Google for many users, making it momentarily impossible for them to share their location in either app.

Most of the buttons you are used to using are right where you left them, with features like one finger zoom still perfectly intact.

As we reported previously, Google Latitude has been killed as a standalone service, having been recreated in Google as a new features.

One of the more interesting demonstrations during the keynote was the Google Maps presentation.

In an impressive combination of much needed updates to the APIs and the Maps UI, a whole new Google Maps for both the browser and mobile devices was born.

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