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Throw in incredible handmade pasta, live theatre, trivia nights and classy cocktails, and you’ve got the perfect date destination.This Manor Road complex makes it easy to customize your date. Lenoir is known for its cooking supply store that would make Julia Child giggle.You can easily spend a whole afternoon sipping expertly-crafted and wildly-flavored beers, eating artisanal wood-fired pizza and strolling the grounds of this exquisite Hill Country ranch.I’m a sucker for any place that has outdoor seating, twinkling lights and food trucks.Stay for a glass or wine or share appetizers, like a thick slice of bread covered in heirloom tomato bruschetta with feta and basil.It feels like a little-known secret tucked away right off First Street.

This South Austin treasure has a little something for everyone.

Recently I found myself wrapped up in one of those fleeting moments of self-empowerment, tickled by a craving for adventure.

Interested in re-entering the dating pool, but also daunted by how exhausting the process can be, I decided the only way to start dating was to cannon ball in.

If it goes well, you can take in the shops and sights on So Co or grab a meal at Cafe No Se.

Don’t forget there are half-price pastries daily from This Sixth Street bakery and beer garden is easily one of the top first date spots in the city, so it certainly warrants a mention.

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