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In fact, It was even uglier, due to the hormonal changes of both estrogen and testosterone surging through Its body.These conflicting hormones made puberty very difficult for Hermaphrodite, as It underwent many odd physical "changes." During this stage of Its life, Hermaphrodite unintentionally killed Zeus, simply by looking at him.There was even a holiday in Its honor, on which the Greeks would all change their gender.

Hermaphrodite attempted seppuku seven times, before remembering that It was immortal.Hera heard of the news, and rushed to the hospital to save the child.Hera was somehow unphased by Hermaphrodite's hideousness, and took It to live with her, hoping It would outgrow Its uglyness. Soon enough, Hermaphrodite was a teenager, and had not outgrown Its ugliness at all.The Greek people would pray to Hermaphrodite if they needed help in their love life, or if they desired a sex change.In Greek society, Hermaphrodite was respected as a powerful divinity, and they often made ritualistic sacrifices to appease It.

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