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If cuisines were people, French food would be a goody-two-shoes know it all, always the first to have their hand up in class, and Indian food would be the rebel at the back of the class in a leather jacket who everyone is intimidated by but secretly wants to be friends with.That’s because Indian food breaks all the rules of cooking.

Originated by experimental chef Heston Blumenthal and flavour chemist Francois Benzi, it describes how foods with matching flavour molecules supposedly create the best-tasting grub.And then there is the array of colourful characters (Captain Haddock, Thomson and Thompson, etc.), both slapstick and satire, and cliff-hangers galore.But what sort of a man was Herge and what inspired him?Dishes like the biriani don’t share compounds, explains Sarah Ali Choudhury, a finalist in Tommy Miah’s International Indian Chef of the Year competition.Firstly, the average meal contains around seven ingredients.

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