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An alcoholic, for example, is often best off if he or she ceases to drink alcohol entirely and to maintain a sober lifestyle.

While this makes sense for a drug like alcohol which we might argue is a at best a luxury recreational indulgence and not a necessity, but it doesn't necessarily make sense for Internet over-usage.

is in the business of long term relationships and marriage.

The site is not a quick date and or hookup for an evening site.

As opposed to some sites that claim they have scientific research that matches people up, Latin Euro's research of more than 22 years in business finds that idea counter to what love and dating is really about.

"Love is first of foremost about physical attraction. Our dating site goes a bit deeper and acknowledges that primal human behavior is at the core if browsing dating profiles.

Additionally, women who live in foreign countries like Colombia, Brazil and the Dominican Republic are using them at a more accelerated rate than American women.

"Accordingly, there can not be scientific dating systems that hook up people. It is just sex appeal that drives interest and action in dating. It has people from all over the world and the USA but specializes in Latin culture.

Sexy Large breasts apparently are the driving force for most women to command a man's attention. Contact Vania Santos at: 1-305-858-7766 or vania(at)latineuro(dot)com,

Girls with big boobs sell more and get more attention than any other section on the website.

Latin is a Miami -based social dating site with more than 20,000 unique visitors a day.

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