Intimidating xbox live gamertags

After picking a suitable name, it helps to check its availability online using websites that provide lists of reserved gamertags.

With all of the crappy gamertags on XBL its always nice to notice a funny and creative or just plain random gamertag on XBL.

RAIN8OW DASH Some nerds dog Dont Shoot Im Gay Not your mom Not sure why.. On Homefront once, I killed a guy and his tag was 'Your Children'.

It doesn't mean anything, but I found it hilarious, mainly because back in my Co D playing days, I was in a game where everything was going tits up, so everyone in the entire game was blaming him/her for the lag and glitches. When I was making my x Box Live profile, the name that randomly generated was Fittest Mermaid17 or something like that. " to amused laughter, the later especially because I do like to keep somewhat fit x D but with numbers instead of letters lol but in halo 3 it sounded like '____ was killed by a homeless jew' (didn't mean to offend any judaism followers though) from this site Gigling Goose also sounds pretty jokes I came across the tag 'HPV Spreader' back on Co D4. It may have had something to do with the fact he kept killing my friend n Co D4 and the name plus my friends anger was making my sides hurt w laughter... Though it's very nasty sounding as well...(for those reading this, read his original post for the name). If you haven't gotten yet that all of these are sexual puns then you're an innocent. but i was drinking one night (shirtless), decided i wanted a sandwich, ate said sandwich, looked down, and some mayo had dropped onto my nipple.. Had a friend that went by "z Rectal Rooterz" but he changed it after a few weeks thinking he may get banned.

This is not open to all users though — the offer is only available to Xbox Gold members with at least one year of pay-for-play subscription since 2002. The giveaway starts on Wednesday, May 18, pm ET/11 am PT.

The tags will be released intermittently over a 24 hour period so that people on all sides of the world have a chance of winning.

It was fucking hilarious, to this day it's the funniest i've ever seen.

for a while now hasn’t done much for your gaming cred while playing Xbox Live.

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