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Their work makes them infrequent users of Gibbs CAM and CNC, but they are using them to design, model and machine, on average, one part a month, and they are learning the value of these tools. “It’s a fantastic program and great machine,” Leno said.“We would never have tried to make some of these parts without Gibbs CAM and CNC.Juchli and engineer Jim Hall are new to CNC machining.They function more as engineers, designers, fabricators and mechanics for machinery ranging from 180 years old to the new Ecojet, a futuristic, biodiesel jet-engine car the shop is completing.

Today, the garage does nearly everything in house with a waterjet cutting machine, welding equipment, manual mill and lathe, sheet-metal fabrication equipment, and its newer acquisitions, a Fadal 4020 CNC mill with rotary axis and Gibbs CAM software.

The lower sleeve of the steam engine’s governor had been repaired several times, but it kept breaking.

The governor incorporates two 15-lb steel balls as flyweights that hang — diametrically opposed — off the lower sleeve.

Juchli’s training and career were in aircraft mechanics.

Later, as making parts for his own business became necessary, he taught himself machining.

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This 1831 steam engine is fully functional with its lower sleeve replacement — the brass part suspending the spherical flyweights.

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