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Google Earth Benghazi Searchable map and satellite view of Libya's second largest city.Google Earth Sahara Satellite view of irrigation in Al Khufrah Oasis in the Libyan Sahara.Personal feelings and needs are often subjugated for the good of the group.Telegraph Dating is an online dating service that will help you find women and men like you.Location: Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Egypt and Tunisia Capital: Tripoli Climate: Mediterranean along coast; dry, extreme desert interior Population: 6,244,174 (2014 est.) Ethnic Make-up: Berber and Arab 97%, other 3% (includes Greeks, Maltese, Italians, Egyptians, Pakistanis, Turks, Indians, and Tunisians) Religions: Muslim 97%, other 3% Government: Jamahiriya (a state of the masses) in theory, governed by the populace through local councils The main language spoken in Libya is Arabic, which is also the official language. Berber languages), which do not have official status, are spoken by Libyan Berbers.Berber speakers live above all in the Jebel Nafusa region (Tripolitania), the town of Zuwarah on the coast, and the city-oases of Ghadames, Ghat and Awjila.International Al Jazeera Radio/TV LJBC Libyan Jamahiriyah Broadcasting Corporation.Libya: Libyan Arts, Music and Literature Stories, Books, Poems, Photography, Paintings, Music. The Libyan Cartoon Gallery A selection from The Work of the Gifted Libyan Artist Mohamed Zwawi. The desert is not silent A virtual art gallery devoted to art lover's, Libyan arts and artists.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Libya Official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Arabic). Libyan Embassy Canada Libyan Embassy in Ottawa, Canada. Administrative Map of Libya Map showing the administrative divisions (districts) of Libya.Libyan military adventures failed, e.g., the prolonged foray of Libyan troops into the Aozou Strip in northern Chad was finally repulsed in 1987.Libyan support for terrorism decreased after UN sanctions were imposed in 1992. Unrest that began in several Middle Eastern and North African countries in late 2010 erupted in Libyan cities in early 2011.Tourism Libya The official tourism portal of Libya.Discover Libya Tourism information about Libya by Libya's Broadcasting Corporation.

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The fourth largest country in Africa is about the size of Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and the UK combined. Independence: 24 December 1951 (from UN trusteeship). Constitution: 11 December 1969, amended 2 March 1977--established popular congresses and people's committees.

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