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Because AQUI-S®20E is a relatively new sedative to reach the market, data are needed to assess its effectiveness for animal welfare.In cooperation with the US Geological Survey, Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point graduate student Aaron Cupp, conducted a research study with the hypothesis that with the addition of AQUI-S®20E, increased loading densities could be achieved without increasing mortality.Overall, the study has indicated that AQUI-S®20E sedation during fish transport has the potential to allow fish haulers to transport at increased loading densities.The effectiveness of sedation and fish transport are impacted by fish species, fish size, temperature, loading density and duration.Surgery requires anaesthesia, and with appropriate techniques, the fish can be maintained out of the water for extended periods.

AQUI-S®20E is a product being evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration, Center for Veterinary Medicine as an immediate release finfish sedative.The yellow perch showed to be a good example in demonstrating how greater densities can be achieved by lowering fish stress, which can have a large impact in increasing survival rates. Tilapia recovered rapidly following exposure to AQUI-S®20E at all loading densities.While rapid recovery time is desired following sedation, the duration of reduced behavior was less than what was observed for yellow perch.Removing one hand from the fish breaks the current, allowing the fish to instantly recover (assuming proper current setting and fish has not been removed from water for extended periods of time).Using chemicals to immobilize fish is timely and often requires a 21 day holding period before release.

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Increasing fish loading density above the industry standard during transport would definitely increase farmer profit, enabling more fish per gallon of fuel and decrease transport trips.

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