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Also explain that if you find sexting photos on the child’s phone, you may be legally required to take it to the police.

If you have already found evidence that your child is sexting, consider counseling through your teen’s school or with local law enforcement.

Stay away from your teen’s texts; only look at photos and videos.

You want to show that you respect your child’s privacy and that you’re only concerned with protection.

Sexting refers to sharing nude or near nude pictures, usually via a mobile phone.

Most experts distinguish between sending naked photos, an activity with serious privacy, health and legal implications, and simply sending suggestive text messages, which is less harmful.

This article describes how you can protect your child from the dangers of sexting, an activity that can have long-term, devastating impacts on your child, whether or not he or she is the one taking photos.After all, apps like Snapchat that automatically delete content after a certain amount of time have tended to gain their initial successes among teens and other young people.Data from the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire suggest that sharing personal information electronically does not on its own correlate with an increased risk of harm.To start, sit down with your children in a nonconfrontational, nonthreatening environment.Tell them that you want to talk about digital privacy, and ask if they know if their peers engage in sexting.

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An embarrassing slap on the wrist is better than a child pornography conviction.

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