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I'll need to give the guy a chance to satisfy me,' she smirked.

She liked the idea of experiencing a no risk thrill.

A new demure attitude was quite a surprise to him, as she was usually so independent and assured.

The day before applications had to be in, Barbara agreed to fill in the on-line forms, knowing he hated details.

It's just a game for Barbara Barbara and her husband, Jack, enjoyed a little exhibitionism, which had grown ever more adventurous, to the point where they were caught making out in a park. Though from then on the adventures, as they called them, were toned down. Barbara sat at the screen to read through the details.

In turn their sex life returned to the boring duty it had been. So you do intend auctioning me off to a stranger,' she teased. True enough, it was possible to enter the auction safely.

She imagined parading around, scantily clad, with strangers lusting after her.

He'd like that, her serving him as a sex slave for a whole weekend.

At the club there was a painting set in Roman times, of a girl being auctioned. What in hell would she feel like parading her near naked body before strangers?

'It's not even at the club, they're just mentioning it,' she added. *** While he was at work Barbara looked through the rules, and figured it was a possibility.

'If you bothered to look, there's a safe way to go about it, for fun,' he enthused. Although anyone could and would be biding, only the nominated person could ultimately win.

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'I hope the man that wins me has plenty of whims, or he'll be in trouble.' A hand dropped between her legs as she imagined the moment on stage.

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