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The meetings will be held in addition to his regular constituency clinics and weekly canvasses.

"I am always thinking of new ways to connect with my constituents," Mr Daly told the Sunday Independent.

Due to the clandestine and covert nature of Johnston's internet use, and the fact that he deleted material and encouraged children to do so too, many children were identified using traditional investigative means such as crests on school uniforms or other items on display in the background of videos or photos.

Johnston told the police under questioning that he contacted children using messaging apps and websites, including Oo Voo - described as being similar to Skype; Kik - which is a secure messenger app that protects users from intrusion; and Omegle - which is a website designed to allow strangers to talk to other strangers anonymously.

Last week, the attorney's office told RTÉ that at their latest count four of Johnston's victims were children based in Ireland.

One child was based in Dublin, one in Meath, one whose exact location in Ireland had not been identified, and one child who moved between Ireland and another jurisdiction when the abuse occurred.

According to documents filed by the US Attorney's office for Northern California, a hard drive seized from Johnston's bedroom contained more than 500 folders labeled with different girls names.

The majority of those 500 folders each appeared to contain images and videos of child abuse which no law enforcement investigators had previously encountered - suggesting they were all victims who Johnston had encountered and groomed personally.

"There are more than 86 collateral requests still outstanding, and the government expects to issue more requests as victim identifying information becomes available.At their latest count, US law enforcement investigators had identified 94 minor victims, from at least 30 states and six countries - including Ireland, the UK, Australia and Malaysia - who Johnston had lured into creating child pornography or sexually exploited online.Gardaí later played a role in the investigation into Johnston's activities, alongside a number of international police agencies and US Homeland Security, with the latter agency leading the probe.Johnston first came to police attention when a woman's 14-year-old daughter went missing.The woman passed her child's mobile phone to police for examination and they discovered the girl had received multiple calls from an unidentified number, which police traced to Johnston.

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