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On a Solaris 10 system where existing package-based JRE software has been updated by the initial release of TZUpdater, and zones have been created, the zones will contain the same errors will be highlighted at the end of the zone installation command.

To resolve Solaris package database errors, take the following steps.

Support customers can download a TZUpdater tool for older versions through My Oracle Support. The TZUpdater tool modifies the JDK/JRE software instance that is used to execute the tool.

A single image of the JDK/JRE software is modified per execution.

For example, on a Windows system, this means that the additional and backup files created by the tool will not be removed during an uninstall.

Please reference tzupdater README TZUpdater is a pure Java tool that does not address platform-specific software management issues.Run the TZUpdater tool with the following command: There may be some situations where a new tzdata release is available but Oracle has not yet updated the https resource website with the new SHA-512 hash value.In such cases, the user will see the following exception message: No SHA-512 hash file found: https://javadl-esd-secure.oracle.com/update/tzupdater/tzdata2014gz.sha512.Even if you want to take advantage of advanced functionality provided by the JAR file format such as electronic signing, you'll first need to become familiar with the fundamental operations.To perform basic tasks with JAR files, you use the Java Archive Tool provided as part of the Java Development Kit (JDK).

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Oracle relies on the timezone data publicly available through IANA's Time Zone Database.

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