Validating a digital signature

It indicates that the document hasn’t been changed since it was signed (which is good), but that her identity hasn’t been added to your list of trusted identities.In order to truly validate a signature, the recipient needs the public certificate (key) to match against the private key data used to sign the document.The validation of a digital signature is only possible through the electronic version of the document.Hence, it should be noted that it is not possible to verify if a printed version of a document has been signed digitally.The information in the signed section is now read-only.Neither you nor anyone else can change it as long as the digital signature is attached.

Because adding a digital signature to a browser-enabled form requires a Web browser that supports Active X, you must use Windows Internet Explorer to perform this task.A document with a digital signature is recognized by signature field(s) in the digital version of the document.By clicking on the signature field(s), the signature(s) can be validated.You may have received a digitally signed document from us.This page provides you with information on the use and validation of digital signatures from DNV GL.

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You are the only person who can assign the code to a form, so when you do, the code is your digital signature. You’ll see how it works shortly.) Digital certificates may be issued by the IT department in your organization, or you may need to obtain one from a commercial certificate authority such as Veri Sign.

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