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I grew up in an all black neighborhood, the oldest of... I have dated other races of men, but white men have a sex appeal and attraction I cannot shake.

I have tried for years to analyze my attraction to understand it, whether it was the skin color thing, or interests, or physical appreciation of...

And now I have my first date with a white man coming up soon and I'm so nervous.

I'm often told that I come across intimidating and things like that. I am a women who truly believes that love, TRUE love transcends in ethnic, racial, and even social background.

I'm really glad there is an active group for Black women who like White guys.

The group for White guys who like Black women only has maybe four stories and about thirty members. I find the dark hair and chocolate colored skin absolutely beautiful, and most of...

It's just something so inexplicably alluring and... Like most black women i know, i grew up in a predominately African-American neighborhood in Philadelphia and was taught that white men were weak, effeminate and raciest. I get very nervous and scared when I attempt to approach a guy I've been out of fear of being turned down because I'm black. My boyfriend and I have a pretty normal relationship.

I've attempted to date white men but nothing ever happened. How do I begin…Well it all started 4 1/2 months ago, when I like most EP members was searching for others who could identify with my specific interest and issues, you know, those topics that are not readily discussed with friends or family. For my junior and senior proms, my dates were white men. The dance was so much fun and so was eating out afterwards. I mean, physical attraction is a driving force but let's not boil it down to fetishes and sexual stereotypes. I really have not yet dated anyone outside of my race yet. Yes, I am a black woman who loves white men and I don't care if you don't like it... I started dating white guys when I was in middle school. BUT I'd like it to be based on other factors beyond "how good our skin looks by contrast" or "we're freaks in the bedroom".I'm an african american woman and I LOVE WHITE MEN!!!They're all I seem to be attracted to and who I always make the best connection with, I honestly can't see myself with anyone else (although I am open to dating all races).

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