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Sam plays this shady, sharp-dressed hustler named Syrus and his performance got him some positive reviews.

However, after premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, it was disappointing to see the film go straight to DVD.

Of her affair with Sam during that tour, she says, "For me, on coke, I found him very attractive." (Laughing) Well, Joni, most of us found him very attractive without the coke! It's easy to remember because it's just nine days before my own 74th celebration so I definitely feel a strong kinship.

* * * * * The first issue of American Theatre magazine came out in April 1984 and it featured an American icon - Sam Shepard in cowboy hat and flannel shirt, brow furrowed against the sun's glare, cigarette dangling. With all my health issues, I never expected I would outlive Sam but I suspected his oncoming death over the past year with the absence of any appearances and, most importantly, the frightening images of him in his last photo shoot.

Several professors have written books or developed courses in the study of his many plays.

And, in return, many of these institutions have honored our playwright.

Recipients include Georgia O'Keeffe, Tennessee Williams, Aaron Copland, William Carlos Williams and yes, Sam Shepard, but only a select group were recognized twice.

Sam received a Brandeis Creative Arts Award Citation in 1976 and a medal in 1984.

In the lead role of Cody was a young Irish actor beginning to make a name for himself Stephen Rea.

When he was recognized in 1976, he was unable to be in New York to receive the award in person, but he sent theater producer and director Wynn Handman to accept it on his behalf and submitted an acceptance speech.

* * * * * I came across some new movie stills from WALKER PAYNE (2006), a 1950s drama set in a small town starring Jason Patric.

There is nothing sentimental or self-serving in this book.

Shepards honesty on the page remains as seething as his life.

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